How to change font color or size

If you want to change font color directly in your content, you can do it in Visual Editor. That applies to your blog posts, product descriptions or any other content that is written in Visual Editor. This will work just for that specific section and won’t change in general.

In default theme settings you can’t change the font color or size of elements such as headings, content in widgets, breadcrumbs, pagination, meta description below post...

In order to do that, you’ll need Custom CSS. 

First you’ll need to find the right CSS class or selector: you can easily do it with Chrome web dev tools,  Here is one simple video tutorial how to do that:

If you don't find the right selector or if you still have troubles, we can do this for you, but is is a paid customization.


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    Lisa Marie Jacobs

    It seems like a simple matter of changing text color is the kind of support that would be included with the purchase of the theme.

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    Primoz Cigler

    Hi Lisa,

    It is hard to say where is the line once we start doing custom work for our clients. You phrased it as a 'simple matter' - if it is so simple to you, why would you need us to do it?

    In the past we were giving away custom CSS changes for free, but many times people realized we are doing work instead of them, they were coming back again and again with lots of small tweaks, not even trying to do these things on their own. We might be seen as greedy that we charge extra for something that takes our developer 5 min of time, but if user comes back 10 times with different requests, this is then (at least) 1 hour of our development time. 1 hour that cannot be spent on supporting other people, fixing bugs, ensuring compatibility or creating new themes.
    If we get 5 or 10 people like that on support every day, we would be essentially coding all the time for free and in couple of months we could do nothing but close our company, leaving you with 100% unsupported theme, no updates etc.

    People buy our products because they want something reliable, something they can depend on for years. We're almost 4 years around now and we have never abandoned any our product. All of them still get updates and bug fixes (even if we don't provide 1-on-1 support anymore for some of them). Not many theme developers can say that.

    Now we charge a very small fee of $29 for the custom CSS code we give it to you. We don't really earn much out of these $29, but at least client thinks twice if they really need something done. We treat ourselves as professionals and many professional businesses and individuals gladly pay that Custom CSS fee, as we can solve their problem efficiently in a timely manner and we get a fair compensation for our work. We know our job and we charge for it fairly.

    I hope I have explained it to you well and since I know you are a sane person, you will understand.

    Primoz, cofounder of ProteusThemes

    Edited by Primoz Cigler
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    Tobias Beuving

    I adjusted the font-size and font-color in my child-theme's style.css and it works like a charm!

    Good job structuring your theme!

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    Marusa Barle

    Hi Tobias,

    Thank you for the positive feedback, it is nice comments like this keeps us motivated to do our work even better :)

    Have a nice day!

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