Shortcodes Ultimate button styles broken on Organique

UPDATE: Shortcodes Ultimate plugin does not offer the custom skin field in its settings anymore. To activate our custom skins for this plugin you have to go to Appearance -> Themes and activate another theme and then activate our Organique theme again. By activating the theme our custom skins for Shortcode Ultimate will get applied.

We use custom skin for Shortcodes Ultimate plugin on our theme Organique. If you don't see the same styles of the buttons as on our demo page, make sure that you check the following:

Do the skin files exist on the server?

When the theme is activated the skin files are automatically copied from the the folder of the theme (wp-content/themes/organique/assets/ to the the wp-content/uploads/shortcodes-ultimate-skins/organique/. Make sure that the folder wp-content/uploads/shortcodes-ultimate-skins/organique/ exists on your server and the following files within:

  • animate.css
  • box-shortcodes.css
  • content-shortcodes.css
  • galleries-shortcodes.css
  • generator.css
  • magnific-popup.css
  • media-shortcodes.css
  • options-page.css
  • other-shortcodes.css
  • owl-carousel.css
  • owl-carousel-transitions.css
  • players-shortcodes.css
  • qtip.css
  • simpleslider.css
  • sunrise.css
  • tinymce.css
  • vote.css

If they don't, manually extract the contents of the zip file wp-content/themes/organique/assets/ to the folder wp-content/uploads/.

Do the skin files have the right permissions?

Sometimes the files don't have right permissions and cannot be accessible. Make sure that folders have permissions 755 and files 644.

If nothing from above helps, please open a new support ticket. We'll need the FTP access and wp-admin access in order to help you!


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    Although this article is now a little old and a few things have changed I was still able to use the info here to get all of my shortcodes working perfectly once more. I had spent hours on this. Following this article I got everything working in under 5 minutes. Thanks guys.

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    Primoz Cigler

    Hi Emma, I am glad to hear that and that you resolved the issue!

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