Support Rules

Support is a very important point for us, but there are some rules you need to follow and what’s included in the free support! Please read these rules carefully before creating a new ticket!

All tickets which don’t follow the rules above will be deleted without answer and your privilege for free support will be amended permanently!


Request Reason/solution Request Reason/solution Request Reason/solution
After theme/plugin update the front page is not displaying properly now. Probably you are not alone having this issue. We will take a look and provide answer for everyone. Prebuilt themes and Clone Pages option is not working with Page Builder. It can be a bug and we will need to take a look at your WP admin. I want to decrease height of the navbar Requires custom CSS code.
Essential grid does not show all my categories We can answer common questions for everyone. I have a problem with a demo content import. We will need to take a look in your WP admin. If needed we will resolve issues for free. How to change the font size/color of some particular element. Requires custom CSS code.
Problem with Jetpack plugin in HairPress Jetpack is officially support in Hairpress, so we will try to solve it for everyone. I have layout issues on my front page. We will have to take a look first. If they are caused by 3rd party plugins we offer a paid solution we will code for you. I want to use Page Builder to setup front page on Hairpress. Hairpress doesn’t use officially a page builder, so this is not covered under free theme support.
Does your theme support plugin XYZ? Ask such questions in public forum or on ThemeForest before purchase. Issue with bonus plugin (Revolution Slider, Essential Grid). It is not our product. To get official support from the authors you have to buy the item from them.
How do I get the Mosaic Gallery to appear in Carpress? We can answer common questions for everyone. Disable responsive site for mobile devices. You should test the theme before you purchase it. Or ask a question.
I want to migrate my site from localhost to live server. WP migrations are not part of the free theme support.
I can’t upload any pictures to any of the pages. Uploading problems are never caused by a theme.

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